Renapur Leather Cleaner

Why should you use Renapur as your leather cleaner?

Exposure to central heating, air conditioning and direct sunlight may cause leather to harden and crack and possibly also fade the natural dye in the leather.  Dirt, dust, food and drink spills will ingrain into the leather overtime.  Proper care with Renapur is therefore recommended for leather furniture.  DO NOT USE on suede, nubuck or Aniline leather.  Renapur may darken some types of leather, especially if it has faded over time and with wear.  If in doubt, always test on a small concealed area first.  Order now.

Renapur Leather Cleaner Concentrate

Renapur Leather Cleaner is the natural way to remove dirt and grime from your leather. The environmentally friendly, non-aggressive and non-abrasive formula will gently lift light grease and grime from your leather without damaging or stripping the colour from it.  Made from plant extracts the Renapur Leather Cleaner is pH neutral and 100% biodegradable, it can also be diluted with water up to 50 times and only a small amount of leather cleaner is needed to clean effectively.

Please note this product is NOT designed to take established staining out of leather and will not lift dirt and grime that has permanently discoloured the leather. Please do not buy this product if that is your intended use. Order Now

Renapur Leather Balsam 125ml

Renapur Leather Balsam nourishes, conditions, restores, polishes and helps waterproof leather, restoring original softness and extending the life of your leather.  This formula of natural waxes and oils, has been used by millions of people around the world since 1988. Non-smelly, non-sticky, non-greasy and non-slippery the Renapur Leather Balsam is absorbed into the leather and won’t transfer off onto your clothes and is completely safe to humans and animals.

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